From the whole Ricardo's family/team - and we mean every one of us - the Ansaras/Wades, Debbie (our first team member hired), Chef Carbajal, to the last hire:

While there are many entities that deserve our heartfelt thanks for so many things . . . we're going to start with Metro P.D.

We're glad you liked us. You were always ladies and gentlemen, tipped well, and we loved your cars in our lot!! It did not go unnoticed that you passed on our closing party, which, beyond our control, occasionally went awry of current social distancing guidelines. THANK YOU!

To the Health Dept. - For using us as an instruction site and keeping us straight - THANK YOU!

To our customers (25 million served) who became friends and friends who became customers - we wouldn't have lasted 40 years without you - THANK YOU!

To LVEA - you people rock! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

To those who assisted in our winning the Guinness World Record for the largest Margarita - WOW! THANK YOU!

To the talent through the years - Toto Zara, Tommy Rocker, Kenny, The Cava Bros, Tito, Dave McMahan, and assorted Mariachis, musicians, and magicians - THANK YOU!

To those who supplied us with all the myriad of restaurant needs - THANK YOU!

You all, plus those left out only due to space, have one thing in common. You are Vegas. Vegas is like no other. We have loved spending 40 years with you. THANK YOU!

Email us at if you need or want to get in touch with us. We'll be there.

P.S. A small book of restaurant stories, and, because of all the requests (also called demands!) for RECIPES, is in the beginning stages. If you like it, you can thank the gentleman who called in the final days for a go order and unconsciously switched to a little boy voice to ask, "But what will happen to the salsa?" It did us in. It will take a while to do all the kitchen math, but we started it the day he asked that question.

Ricardos Front

Ricardos Front

Ricardos Front